Pool Guys Work Hard and Play Hard


On the shuttle after the Welcome party at the Atlantic City Pool Show, there was a group of rambunctious young pool guys having a great time. They were singing loudly (and off-key) to the song playing on the radio. As he observed these young pool guys having fun, our very own Pool Guy had a profound moment. Sure, these guys probably shouldn’t quit their day jobs to pursue careers in the music industry. But they don’t need to!

The pool guys deserved this moment. The swimming pool industry is an incredibly hard-working industry, and pool guys (and gals!) spend all summer buried in work. They’ve earned the right to blow off some steam during the off season. The summer season goes 100 mph, non-stop. They may spend all day around pools, but you can bet they’re not lounging around working on their tan. They work hard, throwing their whole bodies and all of their energy into their work during the summer. Over the course of about 5 months, they work harder than most people do in a year.

Pool shows provide an incredible opportunity for industry peers to get together and celebrate a job well done, and all the hard work they’ve done this summer and will do in the summer to come. These pool guys on the bus represented a pure joy, one that only comes from being satisfied with yourself and the work you have put in to get to where you are. So thank your pool guys and gals for the hard work they do, and know that they’re enjoying a well-earned break now.