Pool Opening Miracles – Tea Colored Pool Water


Sometimes when you take the cover off of your pool it can look pretty murky and green. Tea orange/brown however isn’t as common. This is most likely caused by the breakdown of organic material in the pool over the winter, and a water chemistry/high iron content issue. Here are a few photos illustrating what we found when we took this cover off during the opening, and after treating the water what it looked like when we were ready to leave.Vinyl Liner Pool Plastic Cover (2)

*This pool is a candidate for a new plastic cover.

The cover is off – that’s an interesting shade of tea brown:

Vinyl Liner Pool Plastic Cover (3)As long as the sand has been changed in the last 3-5 years, we should see pretty good filtration results.

Vinyl Liner Pool Plastic Cover (4)

An hour later, after vacuuming and the pool looks pretty inviting compared to what we started with!

Vinyl Liner Pool Plastic Cover (1)