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Are you thinking.. “Am I the only person to ever remove a swimming pool?” Let me assure you you’re not. The fact is you’re in the company of thousands of pool owners who every year chose to remove their swimming pools. Why do they do it? Here are some common reasons.

* Cost of maintaining the pool
* The pool has outlived its purpose
* Pool is preventing buyers from considering your home
* Reducing your personal liability
* Pool structural failure

Thinking about removing your swimming pool may be overwhelming. If this is something you are considering, we suggest you talk to Heather and Doug at Pool Busters.

How much does it normally cost to remove a concrete swimming pool?

Swimming pool removal costs vary based on many factors. Typically residential swimming pool removals could cost as low as $4000 or as high as $15,000. Some typical factors that determine the pool removal cost are:

* Size of the pool
* Access to the site
* Type of pool removal
* Pool construction material – Gunite, Lined, Concrete or Fiberglass
* Special requirements from the city on hauling debris
* Type of material that can be used to back fill pool, etc.
* Proximity to wetlands

The best way to find out the cost to remove your pool is to call Pool Busters LLC for a consultation.

Pool Busters accepts all major credit cards, and in special circumstances offers in-house financing.

Contact Pool Busters LLC today to get an estimate on removing your pool.

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