Pool Slides


Pool slides can be something that everyone loves it can be enjoyed by all ages! There are different kinds of slides though you can get. There is the installed at the time of building your pool. There is the custom slide that we do here at Ask the Pool Guy’s Legendary Escapes. But you can get ones that are put on afterwards that can come in all different sides and shapes that just need to be mounted to the concrete and can be just as much fun. It all depends on what you want for your pool and your family, but you need to know before you buy or get a slide they can also be very dangerous if not used correctly. So please always use a slide correctly. Also you need to know that just like your pool they also need to have maintenance done on them and to be watched if you think you pool slide is becoming unsteadily then do not use it, also make sure you watch young children around a water slide. Hybrid Pool Project Saline MI {PLO} 6 (5)Miller Twisty SlideHappy Satisfied Customers with a Really Really Big Slide (3)