Product Review: Angry Egg


We recently got a package from our friends at Angry Egg, featuring a sample of the product to try out. Angry Egg is a plastic egg filled with pool chemicals, designed to clear up cloudy swimming pool water. It is, essentially, a non-chlorine based shock treatment, and it is incredibly easy to use. All you have to do is toss the Angry Egg into your swimming pool. It will sink to the bottom and start to fizz. The fizzing will last for 5-10 minutes, and then it will float back up to the surface, where it will be easy to remove with a leaf skimmer. The chemicals will take 12-24 hours to circulate, and then you’ll have a clear pool once again!

The Angry Egg is not a replacement for regular swimming pool maintenance–you should continue to check your water chemistry regularly and add all the appropriate chemicals (if you need some help with water chemistry, take a look at this helpful guide). Angry Egg is perfect for supplemental care, in addition to the regular care and maintenance of your pool. For example, you may notice that your pool gets a little cloudy after a heavy rain. Or, after a pool party, when your pool has experienced more swimmers (and, therefore, more sweat, sunscreen, etc.) than it typically does. These situations call for an Angry Egg treatment! It’s pre-measured and pre-packaged, making it easy to use. Instead of fussing with deciding what and how much to put in your swimming pool to clear it up, you can just toss the Angry Egg in and it will do all the work for you.

**We tried the Angry Egg in two different swimming pools and found that it’s an interesting product, though we are unable to say if it’s really as effective as it claims. If you are interested, feel free to try the Angry Egg for yourself. We do recommend liquid chlorine or chlorine shock in most circumstances instead.

Here is Matt with Swim University to tell you more: