Product Review: Silky Swim Goodbye DRY!


bottle-160x300A few weeks back, we received a package from our friends at Silky Swim. Included in it was the first product in their line of pool treatment products, called Goodbye DRY!. It’s an innovative new water conditioning treatment, formulated to improve swimmers’ comfort. Goodbye DRY! works great in above ground, inground, chlorine, salt, and bromine pools. With this product, you will not only notice softer water, but also softer skin and tangle-free hair.

We’ve been waiting for an opportunity to give this product a try, and the holiday last week gave us our chance. We hosted a little pool party on the 4th, and decided it was a perfect time to test out our Silky Swim gift. Fifteen minutes after putting the dose in the pool, we were ready to take a swim. As the guests were getting into the pool, Sandi told everyone to let us know if they noticed anything different about the water. The first swimmer into the pool immediately announced, “The water feels really soft!” Later, someone mentioned the water felt “more slippery.” And it truly did. It can be hard to put the feeling into words, because, after all, it’s water. But there really is a noticeable difference in swimming pool water after the Goodbye DRY! treatment.

After getting out of the pool, everyone’s skin felt softer and smoother than usual. And Jessie, whose hair normally turns into one big dreadlock after swimming, noticed a difference in her hair. It wasn’t as dry and tangled as it normally gets after swimming. Goodbye DRY! really was a great success at the party, and everyone was happy with the feel of the water along with their skin and hair. And, as an added bonus, the product smells really good when you first put it in the pool; the scent fades after a while, so it’s not overwhelming.

If you have sensitive skin or tangle-prone hair, or just spend a lot of time in your swimming pool and notice the effects of the chemicals on your skin, Silky Swim’s Goodbye DRY! is a great option. It will help keep your skin and hair feeling soft and smooth no matter how many hours you spend soaking in chlorine. It does not affect your other chemical levels, and is a great addition to your swimming pool maintenance routine. We would encourage you to check out their website to find out more information if you’re interested in this product!

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