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Ferri-Iron Tablets, a must have product for removal of iron and manganese from swimming pool water operating with sand filters are back on the market thanks to Ask the Pool Guy!



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Ferri-Iron Tablets, a must have product for removal of iron and manganese from swimming pool water operating with sand filters are back on the market thanks to Ask the Pool Guy!

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1 Case = $25/Unit – $300/case (12 Units/Case)  – for 2 or more cases $240/case

The Ask the Pool Guy Approved product for iron removal from your swimming pool water is Ferri-Iron Tablets.

Ferri-Iron Tabs are water treatment tablets that help eliminate the discoloration caused by iron and manganese.

These double-action tablets have been formulated to help decolorize water that has been colored by IRON or MANGANESE. These discoloring insoluble materials are removed from the water by charge neutralization and flocculation.

This non-toxic formulation is completely soluble in water and contains no caustic or corrosive chemicals, diatomaceous earth, alum or any chemicals that will alter the pH or chlorine level of the water.

Directions: Make sure pool water has a pH of 7.2-7.6, and contains a measurable amount of chlorine by adjusting with chemicals as necessary. Chlorine will not effect the Ferri-Iron Tab action on Iron or Manganese. Make sure the pool filter is in good operating condition and has been turned on.

Dose: 1 tablet/3,000 gal.

Directions for Use:

New Pool/High Iron Source Water (Based on an average 20,000 gal. in-ground pool)

Step 1: Drop 3 tablets into the skimmer basket. *If no skimmer basket is present directly into the pool is fine

Step 2: Circulate the Pool for 24 Hours

Step 3: Backwash or clean the filter. If the backwash water looks iron filled then repeat step 1 & 2 until backwash water runs clear and pool quality improves

In pools that have severe problems, repeat dosage and back-wash procedures after 24-48 hours.

Top-Offs (When you have to add an inch or two of water to the pool)

In order to prevent a recurrence, when adding make up water and 1 tablet for each 3000 gallons or less of fresh water, circulate 24 hours & backwash

The Pool Guy’s favorite product for iron removal in swimming pools is FerriTabs!

Ask The Pool Guy gives Ferri Tabs a thumbs up!

FerriTabs have been around since the pool guy got his start in the business, which means FerriTabs have been on the market for a really, really long time. He’s in the middle of his 26th pool season. Not bad for such a young looking guy, right?

Ask the Pool Guy, Allan Curtis, had years of supplying the Ferri-Iron Tablets to customers in his Farmington Hills, MI store. Here in Michigan, we have some of the hardest water in the country – and large concentrations of iron in the water. This turns pools filled with ground water either an orange rust color, or in a lot of cases it’s green. Homeowners have experienced stains in their gunite pools, and on fiberglass steps. Vinyl liners are also prone to orange staining. The stains are caused when the iron comes out of solution and attaches itself to the surface of the pool.

Luckily, for pool owners, the FerriTabs product works wonders in swimming pools, both in-ground pools and above ground pools. The tablets are formulated to be added directly to the pool – they can be dropped into the skimmer, or directly into the pool. These work when the pool is first filling, or even after iron rich water has been circulating for some time. They work best in pools with sand filters, and there is also a formula available for DE filters. The tablets will also work in cartridge filters, though our best advice is to be ready to replace your cartridge soon after using FerriTabs – as they work so efficiently getting the iron out of the pool it will clog up your filter and result in needing a thorough cleaning, or if you are using small cartridges in a small above ground pool system, replacing the cartridge may be best.

The formula in the FerriTabs is safe to handle, non-toxic, and gets the job done quickly. In some of the worst pools we have seen, where the water is very green, so you can barely see the bottom of the pool, the FerriTabs were added (1 tablet per 3,000 gallons of water), and the filter was run continuously 24/7, backwashing after about 12-24 hours depending on the severity of the iron. It might take a single application, or multiple applications over a span of a few days to see results – but you will see a huge difference in the pool water. The tablets allow the iron particles to come out of solution and be trapped in the filter, removing the residual iron through the filtration process. So it will take the iron right out of the water before it has a chance to stain your surfaces.

If you do have some staining already, don’t worry. You can also treat the pool with FerriTabs, and use it in combination with a stain removing product, such as Natural Chemistry’s StainFree – which lifts the iron staining right off of fiberglass steps. Once you’ve treated the stain, you must re-treat with FerriTabs to remove the iron completely from the water. Once you’ve done this you can return to your regular maintenance schedule and enjoy your iron free, rust free, stain free pool!



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