Quick Start Guide for New Pool Owners


turtle, brant, parascope, bubblerIf you’re new to the world of swimming pools, we are here to help you get started! You may have a lot of questions like: what kind of chemicals do you need? What is the proper equipment? What do you use to clean the pool? It’s normal to be overwhelmed so here is a brief summary of what you’ll need.

First, have your local pool professionals number on hand. They will help you if any crisis occurs. Some basic equipment to have ready is a pool vac, vac hose, pole (attaches to vac head), brush head, leaf skimmer, test strips, stabilizer, alkalinity plus, calcium hardness increaser, pH Plus, pH minus, and an algaecide.  You can take this list in to your local pool store and have them direct you to the most effective and efficient brands. Make sure to know the dimensions of your pool along with all its specifics.

Once you get started, taking care of your pool will become routine!