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Q360TM In-Floor Cleaning System

Blue Square Manufacturing

The Q360TM In-Floor Pool Cleaning System is the evolution of pool cleaning technology. Though in-floor cleaning systems have been around for years, nothing currently on the market comes close to the efficiency of the Q360TMsystem. With less moving parts overall and a revolutionary valve design which propels water more effectively through the system, the Q360TM produces cleaning results unmatched by any other pool cleaning method or automatic pool cleaner.

Q360 Valve

  • Aerospace Engineered
  • Maximized Flow Rate
  • Direct, Gear-Driven Power Transfer
  • Dependable Operation
  • Robust Engineering
  • Non-Corroding Fabrication

Q360 Cleaning Jets

  • 360° 14 Point Rotation
  • 3 Nozzle Sizes – High Flow (floor jet), Low Flow (step jet) and Dual Flow (dual port option)
  • Easy Removal/Installation of Replacement Heads
  • Choose from 5 Color Choices to Coordinate to Your Pools Finish

Q360 Cleaning Jet Collars

  • Tapered collar glues inside 2 inch Schedule 40 PVC pipe
  • Protective plastering cap included
  • Water-tight plaster ring prevents leakage


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