Free indoor pool design manual available


Free indoor pool design manual available

Photo courtesy Seresco TechnologiesSeresco Technologies has made its Natatorium Design Manual free for download from the company’s website.

Seresco Technologies has released a free Natatorium Design Manual for those involved in the design, construction, maintenance, or management of commercial/residential indoor pools.The 40-page educational manual is fully illustrated and is geared for engineers, architects, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) contractors, and indoor pool operators as a reference guide.

“This manual is a valuable tool for anyone planning, maintaining, or operating an indoor pool,” said Seresco’s vice-president Ralph Kittler, P.Eng. “Most engineers don’t regularly design indoor pools, so this is an important manual to ensure critical design steps aren’t overlooked.”

The manual includes 10 chapters and covers various categories such as humidity control technology; indoor air quality (IAQ); energy consumption considerations; and a frequently asked questions section. To download a copy of the manual, click here.

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