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Low Voltage Landscape Lighting done in an artistic design based approach

Traditional Swimming Pool Landscape Lighting

Lighting around your pool can make all the difference to the enjoyment of your backyard pool. Most traditional “landscape lighting” packages include low fixtures that illuminate only the ground. They don’t create enough light to enjoy the space. They are often capped at a height of under 2′ tall, shining on paths or up to light trees and walls.

A Legendary Lighting experience actually feels like the lighting was done on purpose for the people enjoying the space.

Legendary Lighting - South of France, Wine Country

Functional, Ambient Pool Landscape Lighting

Legendary Lighting is designed with enjoyment of the space by people in mind. The lighting can be custom designed to fit your theme, space, and design, creating functional, ambient, useable light that creates the wow factor in your pool scape. The lighting is unique, and can be as artful, eclectic or eccentric as the pool environment itself. It is soft, gentle, and thoughtful lighting to create just the right space.

Landscape Lighting Fixtures as Design Elements

Creating useable space with ambient light that is pretty and functional all the time is a key element of the Legendary Lighting philosophy. The fixtures become design elements during the day, and appear artful and eye pleasing. The lighting benefit is viewed at night, as they create the lighting experience that completes the environment, bathing it in warm, inviting light.

Patio Spaces and Back Yard Landscape Lighting

The property areas that benefit greatly from this style and approach to lighting are the backyard and entertaining spaces of the home. It can include the back yard, rear yard, back yard garden, gazebo or oasis. It’s completing a private or personal resort area that the family can retreat to, right outside the home. Patio spaces, pool houses, cabanas, tree houses, fountains, and outdoor living spaces are the perfect environment with Legendary Lighting.

Benefits of Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting

A few of the benefits of Low-Voltage fixtures used in pool lighting, yard lighting, waterscape lighting and entertaining area lighting are:

      • ease of installation
      • ease of moving the lighting elements
      • can be installed near water
      • use less energy than traditional lighting
      • wires can be covered by light ground cover, no need for trenching
      • dimmer than regular high-voltage fixtures

Any high voltage lighting fixture can be converted into a low voltage fixture. Some of our favorite Legendary Lighting Experiences have been created through creative re-purposing of non-traditional fixtures. Just think of lighting as art, and installing lighting with any object that can be illuminated.

Some of our favorite light fixtures include those we have created with:

      • barn lanterns
      • railroad lanterns
      • stained glass windows
      • table lamps
      • antique lighting fixtures
      • tiffany style lamps
      • slag glass lamps
      • stained glass
      • deco lamps
      • kitchen table lamps
      • candle and shadow boxes as holders
      • wine bottles
      • high voltage lamp posts
      • vintage light up signs

Creative Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting Fixtures

Other creative lighting fixtures include:

      • stop lights
      • bird feeders
      • vases
      • decanters
      • unusual lamps
      • headlights
      • gas station signs
      • telephone booths
      • mason jars
      • medicine bottles or jars

Low voltage LED lighting strips can also be used to light shelves and spaces in pool houses and structures.

Lighting has completed some of the best backyard pool designs that Legendary Escapes has built.

      • French Country
      • Wine Country
      • Wild West
      • Roman Ruins
      • Old Worlde European
      • Mediterranean
      • Southwestern
      • Tropical
      • Caribbean
      • Quaint Cottage
      • Colonial
      • Mining Camp
      • Colorado Fishing Lodge
      • Rocky Mountain
      • Pacific Northwest
      • East Coast
      • Early Americana
      • Spanish
      • Natural and Rustic
      • Horse Stable/Carriage House

Legendary Lighting Package featuring 900 watts of lights includes approx. 18-25 fixtures creating low lighting, up lighting, and eye-level useable lighting, creating an ambient enjoyable environment.

Options can be configured based on the amount of light needed (wattage), number of fixtures, and the grade of features.

Installation is simple. The transformer can be plugged into any electrical outlet.

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