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Overview of a Pool Opening with a Plastic Cover and Waterbags:
pool opening (1)Step 1: Start pumping water off the cover with a trash pump with 3″ hoses. pool opening (2)Step 2, When the cover is clear remove the pump and the waterbags, remove the cover from the pool. Fold the cover and waterbags to get ready for storage. pool opening (6)Step 2: Clean the pool, install Handrails, Add Startup Chemicals pool opening (22) Put equipment back together (hint: parts are usually stored in the pump basket for winter). Start the heater. pool opening (7) Rinse the deck,, make sure the pool sparkles and we are all set! The homeowner is now waiting on a water truck to top off the pool, and then they can open the skimmer valve which we have closed at this point.pool opening (23)

Finally, our team will also be happy to give you a new homeowner lesson if you are new to pool care – and they will note any concerns or equipment that will need future maintenance, and answer any questions you may have!

Overview of a Pool Opening with a Safety Cover

How to Store Your Safety Cover

Once our team is done, make sure you properly clean and store your safety cover. It just takes a few steps, and you’ll help to ensure the longevity of your cover.

Step 1: While the cover is still on the pool, we remove any debris from the top of it with the brushes as we begin to remove the cover.

Step 2: We the installation rod to remove all of the springs from the anchors. Then, using the hex key or a powered drill/bit, we lower the anchors into the deck.

Step 3: With one person on each side of the pool, or one very acrobatic person,we remove the cover.  We will either fold as we remove the cover, or will bring it to a flat, clean area for cleaning and folding.

Step 4: When the cover has dried a bit, or all the way, we will fold the cover in half as many times as possible, until it will fit in your storage bag.

MOST IMPORTANT: Make sure you don’t store the cover on the floor or anywhere that animals could easily get to it and build a nest. Either hang it high, or invest in a large plastic storage bin to keep your cover safe from harmful pests. Storage inside a climate controlled garage or basement is the best and safest place to store your pool cover.


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