Pool Removal


Pool Removal

Pool Busters LLC | A Michigan Pool Removal & Demolition Company

Did you just purchase a new house with a pool you don’t want? Maybe you have a pool and want to demolish it and start over? You are not the first person to remove a swimming pool. You’re in the same boat as thousands of pool owners every year who chose to remove their pools for whatever reason. Here are some common reasons people choose to remove their pools:

  • Cost of maintaining the pool
  • The pool has outlived its purpose
  • Pool is preventing buyers from considering purchasing your home
  • Reducing your personal liability
  • Pool structural failure
  • You want to re-do/renovate your existing pool

It can be overwhelming to consider removing your pool. If you ever find yourself in this situation, we suggest you talk to Heather and Doug at Pool Busters LLC. This is a Michigan-based pool removal and demolition company.

Are you concerned about the cost? The costs can vary based on multiple factors. Typically residential pool removals could be anywhere from $4,000 to $15,000. How do they decide the cost? Good question. They will take in to consideration things like:

  • Size of the pool
  • Access to the location of the pool
  • Type of pool being removed
  • Pool construction material. Is it gunite, vinyl, concrete, fiberglass?
  • Special requirements for the city on hauling debris
  • Type of material to fill back the pool hole
  • Proximity to wetlands

The best way for you to get more information about a potential pool removal is to call Pool Busters LLC for a consultation.

Call: 248-830-9356

Check out their website Here.

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