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Ask the Pool Guy has been installing Merlin Safety Covers in Michigan for over 25 years! We specialize in complicated safety cover measuring and installations.

SmartMesh by Merlin is the ultimate pool cover. It features a patented smart mesh cover with a high-tech weave that allows water to pass through while blocking sunlight and debris up to 40 microns. When there is no sunlight filtering through your pool cover, algae cannot grow. That means less work for you when it comes time to take the pool cover off!

Merlin covers are custom-designed for your pool and are safer and provide better protection than other leading pool safety covers. Each Merlin safety cover is CAD-designed and custom manufactured to accommodate angles, steps, water features, and unique configurations of your specific yard space.

They are stronger and look better than other safety covers. They are manufactured completed in the United States with quality materials that exceed industry standards.

Merlin safety covers feature an ingenious strap and anchor system that allows for easy installation and removal using a specially designed tool. They are still lightweight covers despite their durability. SmartMesh covers are easy to install, remove, and store.

What makes Merlin Safety Covers so unique? Great question! They use computer-aided design to have supreme accuracy in their fit. they utilize cable systems to close up gaps and ensure safety for pools with awkward angles or unique constructions. The safety covers are specially formulated with reinforced vinyl supported by nylon/polypropylene straps. Extension straps are secured to tension springs with a steal buckle. Merlin webbing has a break-strength more than three times the government standard.

Considering a Merlin SmartMesh cover? Ask the Pool Guy installers handle anything from basic cover installations to the most complex installation to the most complex installations with complicated designs with waterfalls and spas. There are only two brands that we would even consider working with! Merlin has by far the best customer service and support for both the pool installers and service companies and the consumer.

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