Tru-Tile by Latham Industries in Vinyl and Hybrid Pools


Hybrid Pool {BRN} Chelsea MI (3)There are so many options when choosing a surface for you pool. It can be overwhelming. First, start with your budget. How much are you looking to pay? Next, consider your level of maintenance. Do you want something that can wear and tear or something that is low-key?

If you are looking for a beautiful and low maintenance option for your pool surface, consider TruTile by Latham Industries. It has the look of natural ceramic tile but the low-maintenance of a vinyl liner. The TruTile system available through Legendary Escapes allows you to have both!

Enjoy all the advantages of vinyl with all the beauty of real tile!


  • Works in a vinyl liner pool designed for the TruTile system
  • Works with six-inch ceramic tile designs
  • All floor patterns are available for your vinyl liner
  • Vinyl liners are softer to the touch than concrete pools
  • Vinyl liners are easier to clean than concrete pools
  • Trim colors come in white, gray and blue


Check out these pools with TruTile with a vinyl liner!

2013 Masters of Design Award Winning Pool by Legendary Escapes Al Curtis

Hybrid Pool Legendary Escapes
Hybrid Pool, Waterfall, Spa, Pool House

Swimming Pool Spa Legendary Escapes (26)

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