Water Chemistry: Chemical Starter Guide


Water Chemistry Guide

Problem Solvers

  • CoverFree by Natural Chemistry: Liquid Solar Blanket
  • FerriTabs are an excellent product for removing iron, manganese and trace minerals from the water.
  • StainFree by Natural Chemistry: Lifts rust stains off steps and white goods in the pool.
  • SeaKlear to clear up cloudy water or when it just doesn’t have that sparkle.

Ask the Pool Guy’s Water Balancing Kit:

Must have Chemicals. Keep these on hand throughout your pool season.

□        Test Strips (for weekly testing at home)

□        Chlorine (liquid or powered shock in a packet for a quick acting boost)

□        Alkalinity +

□        pH +

□        pH- or Muratic Acid

□        Calcium Hardness Increaser

□        Algaecide

□        SeaKlear

□        Well Water Users: FerriTabs

□        Salt System Users: 2-3 bags of salt or Chlorine Users 1” Tablets

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