Safety Covers: Which brand should I choose?


We received a question from our website with a customer trying to choose between Merlin and Latham for their safety cover choice. Here is our response:

Thanks for your question about safety covers. We have been using Merlin exclusively for our safety cover installations for 12-15 years and are very happy with their quality, ability to make our complicated covers, durability, and customer service.

We use Latham/Kafko exclusively for our liners, so we also like them as a company, and very much for the same reasons that we like Merlin for our covers. Their quality, ability to make complicated liners, durability and customer service. We have not started using the Latham covers (built under the Coverstar brand). We did one demo/test cover on a pool to see what they are like, and quality is very good as well.

If you have the choice between the two from the same company, ask which they would prefer. If you are choosing between two different installation companies that each do a different brand, I’d say go with the company that you would prefer to work with. I think you are choosing between two quality products.

Hope this helps if you find yourself in the same situation. Happy Safety Covers!Merlin Safety Covers by Ask the Pool Guy (3)