Salt Generating Systems


Salt systems are a huge trend in pools. The chlorine generators use ordinary salt and break it apart into sodium and chlorine. The chlorine cleans your pool and clears the water; then, when the chlorine has done it’s job, it hooks back up with the sodium and turns back into salt. The salt is recycled continuously, day after day, reducing maintenance requirements even more. A salt system is the easiest, most effective and convenient way to keep your pool clean. Chlorine generators provide the same sanitation performance as manual chlorine addition without the drawbacks–you never have to handle chlorine. You don’t need to buy and store chlorine compounds and you’ll never have to deal with the smell, stinging eyes and bleached bathing suits. A zinc anode is an important part of your chlorine generating system. It is protects the metal components of your swimming pool from corrosion. The zinc anode will be the first thing to corrode, saving the other parts of your pool from corrosion. We are happy to quote a salt system if you might want to convert your pool to a salt/chlorine generating pool. If you have a salt pool already – double check to make sure you have a zinc anode. They are often overlooked, and are a critical part of your system!