Sand Filtration: How to Filter Your Pool Efficiently


PentairSandDollar.jpgFiltering your pool is a must. Your filter is what removes particles of debris, dirt, algae, and any other organisms that find their way into your pool. Filtration helps to ensure your pool is as safe and as clean as possible for your family. A very popular filtration system is the sand filter. This filter is tough, durable, simple to clean, and very easy to use.

Sand filters are probably the most economical option and also the easiest filter to maintain. They typically have several function modes such as: standard filtration, backwash, re-circulate, and drain and close. This allows pool owners of all types have easier control over the filtration process for their pool.

When newly purchased, filter sand has rough edges, helping to catch debris in the bed of sand as the water flows through the filter. The dirt is attracted to the rough surface. Over time, the roughness will smooth out similarly to stones wearing out in a stream. The debris that gets caught on the top of the sand can also build up and form layers in the sand. Even the most frequent backwashing won’t be enough to clean out layers of built up debris. This is when it’s time to think about replacing the sand filter. When your pool isn’t being filtered properly it will demand a higher dosage of sanitizer, thus increasing the overall cost of your pool maintenance. It is important to check your sand filter monthly to see if it needs to be backwashed because contaminants will reduce water flow and increase back pressure.

“It’s best to replace the sand in your pool filter every four or five years to make sure it’s working properly,” says Al Curtis from Ask the Pool Guy. “Over the years the filtration process can form water channels in the filter sand, and this is something you want to avoid. The spring is a great time to get a jump start on pool maintenance and change your filter sand.”

How do you change your filter sand? Good question.

“Changing your filter sand can be a tedious and messy process.  Often an ambitious homeowner decides to do it themselves, and are often quoted as saying “I’ll never do that again!” once they find out just how tiring and non-fun the job can be. Other find it’s a breeze. For peace of mind, our technicians at Ask the Pool Guy can do this for pool owners.

To change your filter sand or for any pool servicing, call us at Ask the Pool Guy!

Other Filtration Alternatives:

Glass Beads: can offer finer filtration that other alternatives. They require less maintenance and very little backwashing due to their high purity.

Zeolite: a naturally found mineral rock. Zeolite with its microporous structure and some ammonia remove particles easily and can greatly increase the quality of your pool water.