Should I go with 1.5hp or 3.0hp Pentair Variable Speed Pumps?


PentairSuperFlo.jpgI currently have a Jacuzzi 1 HP motor (14 years old). Jacuzzi Sand filter, Raypak heater and one small water feature. ~25000 gal pool. I am planning on replacing the pump with a VS pump. Looking at the Pentair pumps. Would a 1.5 hp VS pump be sufficient? Any reason to (or not to) go to a 3HP pump? Is there a big difference in the intellflo vs superflo? recommend one vs the other? Any other besides Pentair that your would recommend higher? –

Answer: If you have a current 1hp pump, then the Pentair SuperFlo 1.5hp would be perfect. You don’t want to go any bigger because you’ll be limited based on your current plumbing configuration.

Good luck!