Simplify the Chlorination Process


For any type of pool owner, automatic pool chlorinators can make maintaining your pool’s chlorine levels much easier. Whether you are the type of person who dumps in a whole bucket of chlorine at one time or someone who adds carefully measured dosages, adding an automated chlorine feature can simplify your pool maintenance process.
These chlorinators work by automatically dispensing a specific amount of chlorine into your pool. This eliminates the need to be constantly sanitizing it, because the chlorine levels will always be consistent. They can be used in a pool or a spa. Some automatic chlorinators maintain themselves and some are controlled by a remote control. Could it get any better?
The Advantage of Automatic

The obvious benefit of an automatic chlorinator is that you can relax, knowing your pool always has the correct levels of chlorine. You can be confident in this because the device is created to do it for you. It is important to check the levels around every other week to make sure everything is working properly.
Another great feature of these chlorinators is that you are able to control the dosage. This makes it easy for you to super chlorinate your pool whenever it needs it- all at the push of a button. Some chlorinators have features that are able to check the pH levels of your pool and give you a warning when there is an imbalance. They can even correct themselves and give your pool the proper dosage it needs.
The dosage is typically measured in grams per hour. Chlorinators can dose between 15-35 grams (with bigger pools needing the full 35 gram dosage). The climate in which you live can also affect the dosage needed, as well as your pool’s exposure to sunlight. If you wish to keep your chlorine dosage as low as possible, purchase a pool cover or a stabilizing product.
There are different types of automatic chlorinators. These include: salt, tablets, and chlorine feeders. Choosing a high-quality chlorinator will be a better decision in the long run because they will last longer and are least likely to have issues. Their longevity and lack of maintenance will most likely pay for itself.

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