Spa Leak – How do I find it?


Highland MI Vinyl with Spa ZAM (118)Question: My pool has a leak in the spa. I’ve adjusted the valves to empty the spa and basically keep the water circulating the pool only – which confirms the leak is in the spa. I just don’t know how to pin point where the leak is. It’s a pebble tech coated pool & spa so cracks are hard to see. Any tips on how to locate a leak?

Leak detection can be tricky – and is trial and error to eliminate the possibilities.

First, I’d fill the spa and plug all the return lines, that way you can determine if it is in the spa lines, or in the spa itself, in the spa drain or the light (if there is one).

If it holds water, leak is in the lines, have them pressure tested to identify which is leaking. It’s important to do the pressure test, depending on how your spa is plumbed they may all be one loop and the pressure with listening equipment can help find the source of the leak.

If it continues leaking, plug the spa drain.

Pull the light out of the niche, pool putty or use a light leak stopper to secure that in case it is in the light conduit.

If everything is plugged, and you still have a leak, find out if American Leak Detection can come out with listening equipment to find a hairline crack somewhere.

Once the leak is located, the next step is to figure out how to fix it. ;o)

Good luck!