Swim University’s Pool Care Rap


Last week, our friend Matt over at Swim University debuted an industry first: a pool care rap. We had a bit of  a head’s-up on this project, as Matt had contacted us about sponsoring the project. From the very first email we received about it, we were so excited to see the finished product. We knew this was going to be awesome–Matt never fails to entertain us, and still manages to provide helpful information about swimming pools in the process. Of course, we signed on as a sponsor and anxiously awaited the video release.

Within 48 hours, the video had received incredible feedback on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Several Olympic swimmers even shared it on Twitter! The video was even featured on the website of an Australian swimming pool magazine the day after it was released. We love good marketing, and this video is an example of absolutely stellar marketing.

But, viewer, be warned: this song is catchy. I literally woke up singing it this weekend, and it has been running through my head since I first heard it last week. Answering phones at the office? “Just gotta…step one, circulate…” Eating sushi on Friday night? “Step two…clean it up…” Cleaning the bathroom Sunday afternoon? “Step three…gotta chemicaliiiiiiize it!” I wish I were kidding. This song is seriously catchy, and I might like it a little more than I should. But who are you to judge? Take a listen and just try to tell me you didn’t dance in your chair.

We’ve been perusing the comments on YouTube, and everyone is in agreement–this video rocks. But we do have to say, Matt, you might be getting a little ahead of yourself when you say “You’ll probably agree that this will probably be the best rap video ever made about pool care.” Somebody just might take that as a challenge. Just sayin’.