The Challenge: A Pool Girl’s Perspective


Atlantic City /Tuesday 1/28/14

Mark Al KarenI write this riding in a car, almost four hours into an eleven hour drive, to Atlantic City for the Northeast Pool and Spa Show. There are four of us in the car this morning: Al, the Pool Guy, Sandi, the Pool Girl, Mark, the main service tech, and me, Karen, I do most of the rock and tile work for Legendary Escapes, the construction side of Ask the Pool Guy. We are heading to Atlantic City to see what is current in the pool industry, and also to be seen by those who work in the industry.

Ask the Pool Guy is a brand that is becoming more and more recognized, not just in the Detroit area, but around the country. Al and Sandi have worked hard to build Ask the Pool Guy into an internet
presence for construction and service questions and product information. Their facial recognition, in turn, helps sell pools for Legendary Escapes. They are the known factors of a company that is striving to become a creative force in the pool industry, and that is why I write this, because Al has just laid down a challenge to Mark and me. He wants us to leave our mark within the company. While it is his face that everyone knows, it is the work that Mark and I do that helps Legendary Escapes succeed in building unique swimming pools. Al wants us to think about how we can put ourselves out there more to help us define our legacy and help the company grow stronger.

As we head to Atlantic City, the four of us are together because we are Ask the Pool Guy/Legendary Escapes; a company that is charging forward, determined to create a new vision for swimming pool design and construction. Al is challenging each of us to search for the limits of our talents, then ignore them, and exceed them. Legendary Escapes is on its way full steam ahead, no
boundary is too big. If you can dream it, we can build it, but it will take the efforts of everyone involved with Ask the Pool Guy/Legendary Escapes to keep the momentum moving forward.

-Karen, Tile/Coping Specialist and Concrete Artisan

*Stay tuned for updates from Karen and Mark as they rise to the pool guy’s challenge!