The Joys of Hydrotherapy


Highland MI Vinyl with Spa ZAM (118)Turn your pool or spa into a space for healing 

From the beginning of time, people have used water as a means of healing. Egyptian pharaohs bathed in aromatic oils. Romans used communal baths. Greeks used spas dedicated to the god of medicine. Water can be medicinal.

Why is water considered such a powerful tool for good health? Cold water is stimulating to your body because it causes superficial blood vessels to constrict. It invigorates the body as it directs blood to vital bodily organs. Warm water is proven to help reduce pain and inflammation. It works by dilating the blood vessels, relaxing your muscles, and eliminating toxins.

Today, just like in ancient times, water is used to treat a variety of physical aliments. They range from minor muscle aches and pains to more complicated genetic disorders. Hydrotherapy involves gentle, water-based exercises. They help to strengthen your muscles for a variety of musculoskeletal, developmental, and neurological conditions.

Hydrotherapy is especially helpful to those who have a difficult time exercising on land because of stiff or sore joints. When you are standing in water up to your waist, you are only taking 50% of your body weight. When you are standing in water that’s up to your chest, you are taking only 30% of your body weight. This means, you can perform basic exercise moves with less than half of your body weight weighing on your joints. It can help you rebuild your strength to one day possibly resume exercise on land.

Walking in the pool in any direction is a good way to improve your strength and posture. You also will reap the benefits from cardiovascular exercise when walking in water. Exercising in water allows you to begin at whatever level you choose. You can do slow, repetitive exercises or fast ones- up to you!

Take it Home With You

Think you have to go to a fitness center or physical therapy office to reap the benefits of hydrotherapy? Think again.

Turn your pool or spa into an oasis of healing. To begin, access your current level of fitness. Then think about your goals: what are you hoping to gain from your hydrotherapy experience? If you’re not a swimmer, not a problem. Focus your exercise on the shallow end of the pool. Try walking laps. Walk backwards. Walk sideways. Do some jumping jacks in the water- and remember, you are using taking less than half of your body weight so these movements should be easy on your joints.

Sore after a hard workout or just sore from sitting in your office all day? Use your spa or heated pool as an oasis of relaxation for your tired muscles and joints. Warm water is proven to reduce pain an inflammation.

Don’t have a heated pool or spa? Contact Ask the Pool Guy- we can set you up with the perfect backyard oasis.