The Truth: Pool Urination


There have been recent studies about urinating in the pool. The news media might have you thinking that it is a disaster of epic proportions. While it is not a good idea to pee in the pool, it does happen. With some common sense and appropriate chemical use, it can be remedied.

It is always best to use the restroom instead of the pool. We know that toddlers and children may be prone to accidents, especially in the water. If the pool has the proper levels of sanitizer, the sanitizing power should take care of most of these little slip-ups. After all, human sweat, lotions, potions and other organic material is introduced to the pool via swimmers and pets, so your pool filtration system is designed to help get rid of contaminants and problems.

The air quality issues tend to build up when you are dealing with an indoor pool.

The bottom line – swimming pool filtration and sanitizing systems are built to address the issues cited in the studies.

Use pools that are well maintained, and well ventilated if they are indoor pools.

Take part in healthy habits and enjoy your swimming experience.


Dean Indoor Gunite Pool and Spa Southfield 2011 by Legendary Escapes Pools. THM (3)

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