Top 3 Keys to Healthy Water


Just because your pool water looks clean doesn’t mean it’s not a breeding ground for bacteria and algae 

“Keeping up on your maintenance routine is essential to keep your pool running smoothly,” says Al Curtis from Ask the Pool Guy. “It is also the best way to make sure you’re protecting a really big investment (your pool).”

“People sometimes ask, ‘what’s they key to sparkling water?’ Simple. I tell them, regular pool care. Every pool is unique so there is no one formula that works perfectly for everyone’s pool. Each pool needs its own individual care and treatment plan. The key is to get to know your pool, your pool equipment, and how it runs, then check its condition regularly. If you need help, give us a call at Ask the Pool Guy.”

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Top 3 Keys to Healthy Water

  1. Balance your water. When we talk about balancing your water, what we’re really saying is balancing the interaction between pH and total alkalinity, and calcium hardness along with total dissolved solids. All these components work with each other to provide sparkling water and protect your pool and all its features from damage.”We always recommend pool owners take samples of their pool water or let a tech from Ask the Pool Guy analyze a sample of pool water, that way we can determine what exactly your pool is lacking,” says Al.
  2. Ensure correct levels of chlorine. During the summer when pool usage is at its peak, it may be necessary to add chlorine to the water by hand to maintain correct chlorine levels. Incorrect chlorine levels can lead to costly problems such as green, blue, or worse, black algae. It can also lead to cloudy water which is definitely unattractive to swimmers.
  3. Have effective water circulation and filtration. “In order for the chlorine to do its job properly, the pool must be thoroughly circulated. A good filtration system removes dirt and debris, reducing the load ofchlorine, and allowing it to do its job of cleaning the water and killing off algae,” explains Al.
    Filtration pumps pool water through a filter medium (whichever one you choose for your pool). To maintain water clarity, your filter and pump should be able to completely cycle through the pool water within five to six hours. This is key in keeping your pool sparkling. You may need to remove large pieces of debris such as leaves or sticks by hand rather than a filter or pool vacuum.

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