Update Your Pool Controls: Simplify Your Life


Two huge objections to owning a pool are cost and maintenance. The cost of owning a swimming pool depends entirely on the type/design of pool you choose. Before you nix the idea, talk with a pool design company (like Legendary Escapes) and come up with an estimation. The cost of maintaining a swimming pool can be more affordable nowadays thanks in large part to increased technology in pool controls. Consider investing 2-3% of the purchase price of your pool in your control system. Upgrade to a smart system that can handle basic maintenance tasks without you having to leave your living room.

It use to be hard to have premium pool and spa controls but now they are becoming much more popular and affordable, too! As well as the dramatic drop in price, controls have become simpler for consumers to use. They are typically as near and familiar as the icons on a computer screen or a smart phone.

Even if you have an existing pool you wish to upgrade to higher-quality and newer controls, it can be done. It can be worth the investment in the long run to install a variable-speed pump instead of a single-speed pump and taking the old time clock with a mid-level control system. New controls and energy-efficient pool pumps are great partners to save you time and also lots of money on your energy bill.

Manufactures want you to buy their products, surprising right? They create most automated pool controls very user friendly and try to keep in mind things like iPhones and Microsoft word- both technology that most people are comfortable with.

If you haven’t already, consider upgrading your pool controls and single-speed pump. If you are in the business of constructing a new pool for your family then do it smart with smart controls.