Water Chemistry Light Reading Resources ;o)


We get requests and questions about water chemistry all the time. Here we have compiled a list of websites that you can use as a resource while investigating what you need to know about water chemistry for your backyard swimming pool. Proper water chemistry and water balance affects many elements of your swimming pool. It is important to everything from bather/swimmer comfort to the long life and maintenance of your swimming pool equipment. Make sure that you are having your water tested several times a month, and make adjustments as necessary to allow for the best season and swimming pool experience possible.

  • Technical Bulletin: Cyanuric Acid – Chlorine’s Stabilizer
  • Technical Bulletin: Total Bromine – What are you Testing?
  • Technical Bulletin: Monopersulfate – Quick Shock
  • Technical Bulletin: Metal Mischief
  • Technical Bulletin: Don’t Underestimate Nitrogen
  • Technical Bulletin: Hot Water Chemistry
  • Technical Bulletin: Differences in Test Kit Readings
  • Technical Bulletin: Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)
  • Product Memo – AquaChek Salt
  • Free Chlorine Testing
    Article explores the question “My DPD test kit shows I have 3 ppm free chlorine while my AquaChek™ Test Strips say I have 0 ppm free chlorine. Which test is correct?
  • Test for Success
    The article explores the reasons to test your pool or spa water.