Water Features


I want a pool, and I want it to be unique… but how?

Well Mr. or Mrs. Pool Wanter, have you considered adding a few water features to take your pool from nice to stunning: a fountain, a waterfall, a stone made water slide, hand-made and built right into the style of the pool.

You know those high class hotels you walk into, with their little water pool, purely for decoration, right in the middle of the lobby. Maybe they have a few statues, maybe it’s a full on water fall, rocks and plants. It’s beautiful and exudes a relaxing vibe. Now picture that feeling radiating from your pool, only you can camp out in your own personal haven anytime you want, and swim in it too!

Well you’re in luck, Legendary Escapes in Brighton, lives up to its name in pool design and water features to bring you your own escape that is legendary. Check out some of our pictures for ideas.