What happens if I put metal Chairs in my pool?


Having a sun ledge in the pool is becoming very popular. Many homeowners don’t realize that putting a chair in the pool if it has ANY metal on it or in it will cause the metal to corrode and rust to either stain the ledge or the patio. This chair looks pretty safe with no exposed metal visible except a couple of bolts, which were out of the water, and we hoped were stainless. The homeowner put the chairs out on the sun ledge and we spotted them about 18 hours later (their pool is a salt pool BTW) and we told them immediately it was a bad idea. There was no visible rust on the chairs, but we pulled them out of the water and there were gushes of rusty water draining from the chair, and rust spots on the sun ledge.

We set the chairs on the patio to drain/dry and the result is what you can see in the picture – rust spots on the chair where water could get in/out and some rust on the patio.

We got these out pretty quickly – so even putting metal chairs in and taking them out of the pool is a BAD idea.

Instead, invest in plastic chairs with no metal anywhere on or in them – you’ll be happier, and  your pool will be happier!