What happens if my liner falls out of the track?


Smiley Faces and Liners falling out of the track:

Liner Smiley Face

If your liner consistently falls out of the track you need to consider a few things:

How easily does the liner go back in place? If it is extremely easy, then just pop it back in. If you can, either look into a liner lock, a locking strip that helps to secure the gap sometimes left between the liner and the coping. You may also notice pennies in the gap, which is a common quick trick that pool owners and pool guys have used over time.

Pennies in the Liner

If your liner does not go back into place, if your liner is old, brittle or fragile, or if it sags so much consistently it might be time for a new liner. If your liner falls out of the track in several places around your pool you may need to consider a new coping track, as the track is known in many cases to fatigue over time (where the gap opens up more than it should be and has a harder time keeping the liner in place. In many cases where the liner is worn out but the coping is okay, a new liner that is more elastic may take care of the problem. The addition of the liner locking strip will ensure the new liner will stay in place as well.

Liner no longer smiling

This pool that was recently opened by our team has a liner smiley face as we call it on the long edge of the pool. The guys used the Liner Mule to help lift the liner to get it back in the track. You can also see where pennies had been wedged in before to help keep the liner in place. A few more and you’ve got a savings account, and a liner that hopefully will not fall out again. This liner is really a candidate for replacement due to age, wear and issues, though if it is holding water this homeowner may decide to live with it until that changes.