Why Are There Air Bubbles Under My Pool Liner?


My liner is in the pool. Some of the liner is away from the wall, but not too bad. I noticed at the bottom of the pool, I’m stepping on what feels like air. However, I have no signs of water leaking. My question is, is the liner full of air like that? Not all of it is raised up. Just some spots. Please help what would that be?


HI – if you have clay soil conditions in your yard it would make sense that water could get under your liner, and bubble – which would feel like air but actually be water. It could get back there behind the track, or even if you have small holes in the liner. Another place water can come from is if you have drainage draining toward the pool and it rains etc.

If you would like to send some photos of your pool (overview of the pool in the yard, a closer up of the pool itself, and  a couple of the areas where you see the issue I’d be happy to take a look and see if there is anything else obvious…)