Will FerriTabs take the brown out of this pool?

We moved into this house with an 18 x 36 in ground pool with vinyl liner. 3′ x 9′ deep. They had no cover on the pool and had not used it in 2 seasons or so. It was winterized and I had a company open it up. The pool was green with a TON of leaves and junk on the bottom. We have filled the pool up to where it needs to be with WELL water. I have gotten the water to look like this after shocking several times and using algaecide. The PH is at 7.6 and my chlorine readings are Tot. 3.5 Free 3.0. I even changed the sand in my filter. I have tried Magnet Plus in the pool and Sparkle Up in the filter. When I have to re-fill the pool I put 2 tube socks and a 3″ chlorine puck over the hose to catch the iron from the well water. I just ordered the Ferri-tabs from you and waiting for them to deliver hoping this will work . Any other advise to get the iron out of the water? The pool store says my readings are good but the brown color will not go away! Help!!
HI – the FerriTabs will work wonders on your pool! When you get them, add 2-3, circulate for 24-48 hours, backwash, and repeat. You’ll see the backwash water is full of iron, and it should help clear up your water quickly. Because your pool is so brown, I’d love an after photo once you are successful that I can share with others!

Let me know if you have any other questions…

(allow your chlorine level to drop to almost nothing while using ferritabs, once the water is clear you can bump it back up)