Winter Pool Safety Tips


Keep your family safe from pool accidents all year long

When the weather cools down, it is easy to let your pool take a back-seat priority. Actually, when the pool is not in use and the weather is colder is a perfect time to do a thorough safety check of your pool. This will ensure peace of mind and safety for you and your family.

Here are three steps to take to check for pool safety:

  1. Check– It is surprising how many pool owners fail to check their safety fences. While most fences are built to last, they at least require an annual check up. Latches can become loose, and posts can develop rust which weakens them. Check with your local pool safety codes to see what the fence regulations are.  In addition, be sure to keep the tables, chairs, and equipment away from the pool fence to keep small children from climbing over it
  2. Fix– Winter is an ideal time, when we are free of snow, to fix the surroundings of your pool area. For example, are there any loose tiles that need replacing? If your filter working properly? Does your pump need replacing? The best time to do these minor repairs is when the pool is not in use and people are not in any danger of experiencing any accidents. If you have a sand filter, it might be time to change the sand. We recommend the sand be changed every three years. If your pool has any unappealing stains, broken lights, or lining damage, it’s best to repair these things before the beginning of the swimming season.
  3. Maintain– During the off-season months when your pool lays covered with a pool cover, do not take it for granted. Pool covers are not infallible. If they are stepped on, they can sink. Make sure your pool cover is firmly in place and there are no tares.Merlin Safety Covers by Ask the Pool Guy (3)

For a full-service pool check, contact Ask the Pool Guy! We can take care of all your winter maintenance needs and pool repairs, no problem.