How do I prevent my pool heater from rusting?

I have purchased a home with a chlorine pool and I am replacing the heater. I was told to install a sacrificial in-line zinc anode to help prevent rusting. Do I really need this, or is there something I should add to help the life of my pool and equipment….


ecoFinish – are you still a fan?

Hi. We are getting quotes to resurface a pool in one of our St. John villas. It is a 25 year old pool with a poured concrete base and a plaster finish. The plaster is quite coarsely textured due to wear over the years, and it now looks beige, which…

Black Scale

Is acid safe to swim in?

I just cleaned some of my time that had green and black mold inside the pool. About a foot of tile was cleaned. The acid base tile cleaner liquid also landed in the pool water since I was cleaning it. Is it safe to swim in the pool? After I…

above ground filter
Allan Curtis

Ask the Pool Guy offers theory about the green pools in Rio

As the explanations begin piling up from Rio about why the pools turned green and had to be closed, Ask the Pool Guy has been following the developments and offers his theory as to what happened. First, the chemical tanks ran out of “something” related to alkalinity and pH  this…

Parsons Liner Float and Reset (9)

Why are there air bubbles under my pool liner?

Q: My liner is in the pool some of the liner is away from the wall, but not too bad. I noticed the bottom of the pool I’m stepping on what feels like air. However, I have no leaking signs of water. My question is is the liner full of…


Hayward H Series -Heater corrosion

When your Hayward H Series heater shows signs of corrosion on the outside on the side and through the top, it is definitely time to replace! When replacing the heater make sure to go based on the size of the gas valve – replace like with like, and sometimes even…

This is one of our pools where there is some iron in the source water. The pH level drifted up as a result of the chlorine generator producing chlorine and adding a constant increase in pH as well. The pool was treated by lowering the pH and alkalinity, as well as adding a metal removing product, FerriTabs to the water.
Raypak Heater Board Replacement (2)

Raypak – is the Replacement Board a Fit?

This heater needed a replacement control board – the green Raypak board which was originally installed was very different in looks from the replacement board, but indeed, it worked! 1 RAY-151-3722 010253F (BEFORE 11/2003) EA P-80297618-1 Raypak 601588 PC BOARD CONTROLLER RP2100, 601586 PC BOARD CONTROLLER for models R185A-R405A 3-WIRE-KIT…

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