Pentair intelliFlo Pump


krundwell, liner, waterfall, hybridThe Pentair intelliFlo Pump is a variable speed swimming pool pump. What is a variable speed pump? Great question. It is a pump that can function on various speeds rather than a single speed like a basic pool pump. The variation in pump speeds allows you to save energy thus lowing your pool bills. 

Having a swimming pool is a great investment for your home both monetarily and socially. It will add re-sale value and can create a fun, enjoyable family atmosphere. However, the cost of running a swimming pool can be high. If you are pinching pennies then investing in a Pentair intelliFlo Pump might be worth the effort.

The average swimming pool pump can use as much energy as all other home appliances combined! They can cost $1,000/year to run. However, a variable speed pump can cut energy costs by up to 90%- that will make a huge difference on your energy bill. Our favorite variable speed pump is definitely the Pentair intelliFlo pump.

IntelliFlo is a smart pump equipped with variable speed capability, digital controls, and proprietary sotware that allows custom programming of ideal pump speeds for specific tasks of your swimming pool. The speed of the pump doesn’t need to be the same for filtering as it does for heating or cleaning. The technology in the intelliFlo pump can customize the pump speed depending on your pool’s task. Older, one-speed pumps come with an unchangeable preset speed. This preset speed is almost never the ideal speed for all your swimming pool tasks. Even “high efficiency” single-speed and two-speed pumps are not as energy efficient as variable speed pumps.

Highlights of the intelliFlo Variable Speed Pump:

Its unbelievably quiet! The permanent magnet motor that gives you outstanding energy savings is also a totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) design. Due to this, the intelliFlo is the quietest pump you could ever install. When running at a typical speed you can barely hear it.

This pump has a longer trouble-free service life than traditional pumps. The technology in its advanced motor produces less heat and vibrations. The TEFC design protects against the external environment. This pump features a built-in diagnostic system that detects and corrects system failures.

While the variable speed pump may cost a little more money up front, it is well worth the investment!


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